To reach lecture hall 1 (Collegezaal 1), follow route 768. For an elaborate route description, follow the directions below.
As you enter the main hall of the LUMC, walk straight ahead while heading to the hallway on the right.

When going through this hallway, you will have reached zone J0, with the art exhibition on your right. Keep walking straight ahead until you reach the stairs and elevators (red doors). Head up the stairs or take the elevators to the second floor to zone J1 (note: the second floor is 1 in the Netherlands, the first floor is 0 or BG).  If you have reached J2, go down one floor. On the second floor, keep walking straight ahead (first turning left as you exit the stairs, turning to the right as you exit the elevators, follow arrows with route 553-560 and route 751-999) in the direction of zone K1.

As you have entered zone K1, note that the signs on the roof say (Collegezaal 5). Keep walking straight ahead in the direction of route 751-999 and you will pass Collegezaal 4, Collegezaal 3, Collegezaal 2, until you have reached Route 768 and Collegezaal 1 at the far end of this hallway.