Flash talks

At Clostpath 11 you can participate in the ‘Flash Talk’ competition. During the abstract selection process the Scientific Committee nominates certain abstracts from trainees (students and postdoctoral fellows) to participate in this competition. The selected poster presenters can give a Flash Talk presentation of three minutes during the session prior to the postersession that day. This talk will serve as an “advertisement” for their poster.

The Flash Talks are based on the popular 3 Minute Thesis competition that was developed originally at the University of Queensland, Australia (https://threeminutethesis.uq.edu.au) and has spread worldwide. In the business world the idea of giving an “elevator speech” is common. The goal is to rapidly pitch an idea to an audience or individual in a limited amount of time and with limited or no visual aids such as PowerPoint slides. This sort of competition has been utilized effectively at a number of recent international scientific meetings and will hopefully represent a fun and exciting addition to the conference.

The rules for the Flash Talk competition are as follows:

  • The presenter has exactly 3 minutes to present their talk. The timer will not allow any additional time once three minutes have expired.
  • All slides will be preloaded onto the presentation computer and the timer will start as soon as the first slide appears on the screen.
  • Up to three PowerPoint slides are allowed. No sound is permitted nor are animations/segmentations allowed. A video can be shown but this will count as one slide. Presentation formatting should be set for a 16:9 ratio.

For more information and inspiration about making your Flash Talk presentation, click here.