Abstract submission deadline: April 29, 2019

All abstracts will be reviewed and considered for oral or poster presentations by the Scientific Committee. Once an abstract is accepted, at least the (oral or poster) presenting author must register for the conference. Accepted abstracts will be confirmed by email to the corresponding author and will have an abstract reference number, to be quoted in all correspondence.

By submitting an abstract you confirm that its content is final and has been approved by all authors and, if applicable, funding entities.
Abstract content should fit the scope of CLOSTPATH11.
Submit your abstract via the webform.

Abstracts should be written in proper English in a generally accessible style.
Abbreviations should be written in full at first use for non-standard abbreviations.
Standard abbreviations that do not require introduction are listed here.
The use of SI units for measurements is advised.

Each abstract should have a brief descriptive title of maximally 20, including spaces.
Title should be in sentence case.

A maximum of 12 authors per abstract is allowed; include all authors that substantially contributed to the work when possible.
Names (ininitials, followed by family/last name; e.g. “A.B. Author”) and affiliations (including cities and countries) of all contributing authors should be provided.
During submission, the order in which authors’ names should appear on the abstract must be provided as well as the identity of the presenting author. Any one of the authors may be identified as the presenting author. Only one presenting author is allowed.
Authors’ and institutes’ names will appear in the abstract book exactly as entered by the submitting author.
All communication regarding an abstract will be sent to the submitting author, who will be responsible for informing his/her co-authors about abstract status.

The abstract text (including references and acknowledgements) should have a minimum of 100 words, and should not exceed 500 words. Organization of the abstract is free, but authors are encouraged to ensure sufficient detail in background of the study, methods, and main findings.
Avoid the use of symbols, with the exception of Greek letters. Insert Greek letters as ASCII characters. Please use the character keyboard in the abstract portal.

A maximum of three literature references may be provided.
Format references per ASM Style Endnote style available, please click here to review them.
Include the reference numbers in brackets in the abstract text above.

Please select one of the nine topics that best describes your abstract.

Please select the primary organism of interest on which you submit your abstract. This will facilitate the selection of speakers for oral contributions to Clostpath 11.

Additional information
Please disclose funding sources for the research presented in this section.
Please disclose potential conflicts of interest.

Once you have completed all mandatory fields, you may submit your abstract or save it without actually submitting it such that you may return to your abstract to complete and submit it at a later time. However, an abstract not actually submitted before the abstract submission deadline will not be considered for presentation at the conference.
After submission, you cannot change abstract content anymore.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 29, 2019.

Abstract Topics:

  1. Toxins
  2. Gene regulation
  3. Gut microbiome, incl. FMT
  4. One Health (incl. Control strategies, AMR)
  5. Fundamental, including physiology and metabolism, Bacterial surface and colonization,
    Sporulation/cellular differentiation
  6. Clinical aspects, treatment, diagnostics, clinical presentation, pathogenesis
  7. Clinical ((comparative) genomic) epidemiology, control strategies
  8. Vaccines and immunotherapies, Host (immune) response
  9. Tool development

Organism Topics:

  • C. difficile/sordellii
  • C. botulinum/sporogenes
  • C. perfringens
  • C. novyi
  • C. tetani
  • Other clostridia

Copyrights, editing and publication
Submission of an abstract implies the exclusive, unrestricted granting of copyrights on the abstract ‘s content to the CLOSTPATH11 organizer.
The CLOSTPATH11 organizers reserve the right to edit abstracts for obvious spelling or grammatical errors before distribution/publication without the authors’ prior consent.
Accepted abstracts will be published on the CLOSTPATH11 website at the time of the conference and will be made available in the conference program (digitally and in print).

If you have any questions, please contact the CLOSTPATH11 Conference Secretariat at