Preliminary program

8:30-9:30           Registration

9:30-9:45           Welcome and introduction of The Game

The Game is designed to give people an incentive to talk to their peers and get to know them in a playful manner. The Game will be played during all intermissions of the YSM and there will be a prize!

9:45-10:45         Oral presentations

10:45-11:15       Coffee break

11:15-12:15       Oral presentations

12:15-13:30       Lunch

13:30-15:30       Expert panel session (Academia, Sales, Journal/editorial, Biotech)

During this two hour expert panel session, each expert will have 30 minutes to enlighten young scientists on the skills and requirements for a career in their respective field. There will be a large emphasis on interaction with the audience, so we are counting on a 15-20 minute talk, followed by 10 minutes of questions.

15:30-16:00       Drinks at the “Paleijhs” (follow the YSM committee members!)

Talk to your peers for a while, while enjoying a cold beer or soda.

>16:00                Those interested can meet in the city for dinner and drinks (own expense)