Social program

Included in registration fee

Welcome Reception

Date: Monday August 19
Location: Town Hall
Address: Stadhuisplein 1, 2311 EJ, Leiden

The Welcome Reception will take place in the City Town Hall in Leiden. The Leiden town hall stood on Breestraat as early as the Middle Ages. In 1595/96 it was given a new facade in Renaissance style. The city government wanted to show the city’s new prosperity. In 1574 Leiden had been besieged by the Spanish. Many citizens died of hunger and plague. Nonetheless Leiden withstood the siege. The city was relieved on 3 October 1574. Several parts of the town hall facade commemorate this Siege and Relief of Leiden. The town hall was largely lost during a devastating fire in 1929. The façade was rebuilt, but the building behind was completely new.

Poster sessions and dinner

Date: Tuesday August 20
Location: Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden (Conference venue)
Address: Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden. Breestraat 60, 2311 CS, Leiden

Optional social activities

Conference dinner and party

Date: Thursday August 22
Location: Scheltema
Address: Marktsteeg 1, 2312 CS, Leiden
Cost: EUR 10,- for delegates / EUR 70,- for guests

Scheltema is the building of the former Leidse blanket factory on the ‘Oude Singel/corner Marktsteeg’, directly next to the Museum ‘De Lakenhal’. Scheltema is used as a location for contemporary art and music theater, including workshops, performances, lectures and concerts.

Scheltema wants to be a place where artists, scientists and students meet and work together.


The Organizing Committee facilitates various activities, as listed below. These can be reserved at the time of registration, or by adding them to your registration before July 21, 2019. For some activities there is a limited number of participants possible, and registration is done on a first-come-first serve basis.

Guided walking tour through the historic city centre of Leiden

Cost: EUR 7,50 per person
Minimum of 8 persons required.
Leaves from the conference venue (Stadsgehoorzaal), and takes approximately 1.5h.

Leiden has a beautiful 17th-century historic centre. At one time the second largest city of the Republic after Amsterdam it can boast a rich history. Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden and learnt his craft with a Leiden painter. In Leiden the first university of the new state of the Netherlands was established. You might want to visit the botanical gardens of the university, which are over 400 years old.

Boat tour Leiden

Cost: EUR 9,50 pp
Minimum of 18 persons required.

Tours leave at the back of the conference venue (Stadsgehoorzaal) and take approximately 1h.

Take a nice boat tour through Leiden. You will be sailing on a stylish water taxi through the picturesque canals and along the green fringed moats of ‘Old Leyden’. An experienced skipper will tell you about the splendor of Leiden’ s history. A boat tour through Leiden will show you in just under an hour the many beautiful sites in the city’s centre.

Visit and guided tour of Rijksmuseum Boerhaave – the Netherlands’ treasure chamber of science and medicine

Cost: EUR 17,- per person
15 persons per guided tour required.

What were the major discoveries in the history of science in the Netherlands? Who were the researchers behind them and how great is the impact of their discoveries on our lives today? Find out more about their inventions and join us in thinking about today’s big issues during a guided tour through the museum.

With a collection spanning five centuries of research and innovation and based on close collaboration with prominent modern scientists, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave offers visitors of all ages a fascinating insight into the world of science.

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave is located in a magnificent monument with a rich history. Originally built as St Caecilia’s Convent in 1440, the building next sheltered the city’s plague victims and the mentally afflicted. The building then went on to become the first academic hospital in Northern Europe as St Caecilia’s Hospital. Some three hundred years ago, Herman Boerhaave instructed his students here at his patients’ bedside.

The museum is widely known for its replicas of Van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope, made with great skill and devotion by our expert restoration staff.


Cost: EUR 28,50 per person, including bus
Minimum of 29 persons required

The bus for this tour leaves from Leiden City Center (exact place will be communicated later) and the optional return bus will leave from Micropia at 18.20 hrs.

Micropia, the only museum of microbes, is located in Natura Artis Magistra’s historical building “Ledenlokalen” (1870).
Since 1838, Natura Artis Magistra has experience in interpreting complex science for the general public. Micropia puts this expertise to the service of this microscopic world waiting to be discovered. The museum opens up micro-nature which promises to give us so much in the future.

Micropia wants to inspire the general public, encouraging their interest in the smallest, most successful organisms from an early age. Micropia is not just a museum, but also functions as a platform, a link between ordinary people and science. Seeing and experiencing is kept central, with the focus on the (mostly positive) relationship between microbes and the visitors themselves. This brings nature startlingly close, while the smart provision of information allows everyone, from the youngest amateur to the oldest expert, to find exactly what they are looking for.

Self-guided activities

If you are not interested in any of the tour options given above, or they are fully booked already, the local organizers recommend the following sites in Leiden for a visit: